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Spectra Plus works for you to provide quality services that relieve you from the discomfort of Hearing. Hearing loss can create challenges and interfere with regular life. Our experienced Audiologist in Delhi ensures that you have the most appropriate solution for your needs. Solutions you can trust.

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    Audiology Services at Spectra Plus

    Audiometry Test

    Find out your hearing ability from our Audiology test. Our Audiologist in Delhi will do a test to check your hearing ability through an audiometer and determine if you are suffering from any degree of loss of hearing or deafness.

    Tinnitus Evaluation & Retraining Therapy

    It has been proven to reduce tinnitus symptoms. Using sound therapy, Spectra Plus will help retrain your brain to tune out and be less aware of Tinnitus. This should be taken up by people with severe Tinnitus along with other treatments.

    Hearing Aids Technologies

    If hearing loss is due to the weakness of the nerve responsible for carrying the impulses from the inner ear to the brain, hearing aids can be helpful. Our audiologists in Delhi will advise the most appropriate hearing aid for you.

    Diagnostics for Newborns, Infants, and Children

    Early screening, diagnosis and treatment can help infants with hearing loss develop speech and that can lead to Limited language and speech development.

    Digital Hearing Aids

    A team of the best Audiologists in Delhi combine superior diagnostics and a wide variety of world-class digital hearing aids like In-the-canal and Completely-in-Canal, to identify appropriate hearing aids for you.

    Comprehensive Audiological Rehabilitation

    This procedure incorporates sensory management, counselling, instruction, and clinician-guided auditory training (AT), which maximizes the opportunity to optimize speech recognition and quality of life outcomes.

    Accurate diagnosis from expert audiologists,
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    Accurate diagnosis from expert audiologists,
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